James Jeffers

james copy.jpg

Chairman of the Board/

Trade Show Coordinator



Chairman of the Board - Oversees all GAT operations, Plans/Runs GAT Board Meetings, Delegates Responsibilities, and Speaks at GAT Banquet.

Trade Show Coordinator - Coordinates the Trade Show, contacts and gets all the vendors.


  • Married to Robin;
  • Two sons;
  • Gym club owners since 1990
  • Manager and coach;
  • Began operations as J&R Gymnastics in New Braunfels in June 1990, added Seguin club in January 1992, and San Marcos club in 2007
  • Hobbies include: off-shore fishing, snow skiing, scuba diving

I am proud to serve on the GAT board, as I know this organization has helped my staff and I run a successful program, and my desire is to help GAT continue to do so for others.

Email: tradeshow@gatx.org or james@jandrgymnastics.com